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My name is Maria Jula and I am a Holistic Business Coach helping spiritual people to start and scale an online coaching business, by turning their passion into profit, without overwhelm, and stepping into their greatness, in order to live in their life's purpose.

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''Was truly wonderful and healing to work with Maria. She is very professional and I had a great experience of ThetaHealing through Maria. It feels good knowing I have a safe place that I can come back to anytime I need.'' - Anna Okello

''Maria is such an amazing healer. She is very understanding and listens closely to what is going on to help drive her healing modalities. Maria is also very intuitive and will help guide you to reach your highest potential and a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend her.'' - Jena Finchum-Hinds

''I am very grateful for Maria's guidance and help. During Theta sessions I have managed to understand and overcome certain behaviour patterns. I have also discovered surprising new things about myself and this has helped to guide me in my own personal development. Maria is kind, patient, understanding and most importantly she will make you feel completly at ease during these sessions. I can not recommend her enough!'' - Lia Stoicescu

''I just wanted to say this morning I was in terrible pain . I am disabled since 5 years ago and suffer from FND when Maria Jula said we could do a theta healing session I was unable to speak or to move. My husband carried me in his back as he usually does, durring the session I started to speak better and when we finished something amazing happened I got up from bed and get downstairs on my own legs, in an hour I was moving like I was never ill, no pain in my legs or my back ... nothing at all . I just think Maria Jula is amazing and the work she is doing is without doubt fulled of uncondional love and so much compassion. Thank you Maria, thank you for taking my pain away and for everything you doing for me. It means so much that words can not express the gratitude I feel for everything you are doing for me. Thank you is all I can say and feels so little to be said in comparrison with your work.'' - Mirela Dondea

''Maria it was an excellent meditation guide.U felt my session so intense, deep and very well explained that you can really feel the power of the healing also send and receive love
After the session, you immediately feel the result on the wellbeing of your body , spirit and mind.
100 % recommendable and definitely I will continue with more sessions.
Thanks a lot Maria
Kind regards
Matias Orsi''
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