About Me

My name is Maria Jula and I am the following:


  1. Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor: However, it is important for you to know that the Creator Of All That Is is the healer and I am only the observer who watches what happens.
  2. Life Coach: I'm helping you to manage and deal with your emotions and behavior. This means, that I help you to get rid of negative emotions and at the same time I'll teach you how to respond in certain situation instead of react.
  3. Holistic Business Coach: I'm helping you to manifest your dream life, to turn your dreams into reality by teaching you how to start an online coaching business that will help you have an impact in people's lives and in this world. For this, I offer professional training and 1-on-1 session that will not only improve the quality of your business, but also of your life.

How did I find my purpose and passion for what I do now?

I came in UK for the first time in September 2016. I was supposed to apply for my insurance number and then start working. The day I came in UK with my husband (only boyfriend at that time) I met his cousin as I was going to live in her house.

After we introduced ourselves and had a chit-chat, his cousin asked me if I dream about being a psychologist or something similar. She felt by the way I`m talking that I am supposed to be that person who is helping others based on not only my knowledge but also on my experiences. And yes, I knew my whole life that I was designed for something significant and in the 9th grade I decided that I will be a psychologist.

So, in that moment when she asked me that question, I had that certainty more than ever, that I will help people one way or another. She saw this in me from the first day we met, and this gave me courage, certainty as I mentioned before, faith and made me realize that I am designed for this.

Before having my Insurance Number that will allow me to work in UK, I got pregnant with my first child, it was still September. I lived in UK for 8 months, not working, being between 4 walls almost all the time, feeling stuck. I was only 18 years old. Full of dreams and desires and still stagnating. During these 8 months I was living with my husband, in his cousin's home. During this time, me and his cousin were talking a lot and she told me about a spiritual technique that she is using and I was so intrigued and wanting to know more about it.

I had a weird feeling that this technique is something that I was looking for my whole life. It was the proof that all I was dreaming about as a kid, was true, without any exceptions. But she told me twice, during my pregnancy that she intuitively heard that, somehow, I will not have this child. I was scared my whole pregnancy about this, even if the midwives and doctors told me that my baby is healthy, and everything is fine.


So, in 1st of May, me and my husband decided to go back in Romania and not coming back in UK ever again, but it had nothing to do with my pregnancy but only with the way we lived in UK. As soon as we got back in Romania, I had a scan to see how my pregnancy goes and it was all wrong.

I had problems with placenta, so my baby was not growing enough, the liquid was not enough, and 2 doctors told me that if I am not going to so a C-section 1 week after the scan, my baby will die. So, this is what I did, and I realized that what my husband’s cousin told me, it was actually true.

This made me realize that this technique is something that I definitely want to learn as I can help and save so many people. After one year I`ve done the first course that certified me as a ThetaHealer, and in 2018 we decided to come back in UK.

I still had my dream to become a psychologist, so I applied at university for studying criminology and psychology. I was so excited and ready to take action. However, during my first academic year, I felt that something is missing. I couldn’t feel that this is what I will do as a career. I felt that even if I love what I study and I want to help people, being a psychologist is not for me.

So, I decided to learn more about ThetaHealing. Meanwhile, I got pregnant with my second child. During the pregnancy, I`ve done more ThetaHealing courses and during one of the courses I find out that I should be careful what decision I will make when I give birth. And I took it as I thought is the right answer, that I can have a normal birth and not a C-section.

Right after I gave birth, my worst nightmare began. I had a haemorrhage, and I was basically dying. Over 20 doctors, midwives, nurses and anaesthetists were trying to save my life, and nothing worked so they decided to put me to sleep and start a surgery. I had the worst experience ever for 1 hour I think, and then I had only less than 1 minute to sign the papers before the surgery. All the doctors were pale, and I could see on their faces that I will die. So, in those seconds before signing, all I was thinking about was the future I am not going to have and more than everything that I have nothing to be remembered of. I didn’t have time to help people, to make a positive impact in this world and in people’s lives. And the last thing I remembered is that I said in my mind ‘God, I put all my trust in the doctors and in you! May it happen what you want to happen, I trust you!’

The next day, the first thing I saw after I opened my eyes was a bright white light. Well, that was the light on the wall, but what I understood was that, that bright white light was the sign that I am going to have a career where I will use ThetaHealing because when I am connected in a theta state, I am in a bright light, in the light of the creation.

From that moment I understood that I have a purpose and I understood what that purpose is. So here I am now, helping other people following their life purpose in the highest and best way possible without them having to go through tough times in order to realize what they were designed for.

I am constantly guided in everything I do, and this became a lifestyle for me, not only a technique.

Everything I do, I do it with unconditional love and passion and this always brings great results for me and my clients.

Thank you for reading my story!


With Unconditional Love,

Maria Jula.



About ManyFastAction

Why 'ManyFastAction'?

„ManyFastAction” comes from „Manifestation”. Through manifestation , you can have anything you want in your life and you can manifest many things at the same time. Usually, your wishes turn very fast into reality through this method.

'Your chanCe to chanGe'

„ChanCe to chanGe” has two different meanings:

Theta Healing is a chance for a good and massive change in your life. As you can see, by changing just one letter in the word „ChanCe”, it changed the whole meaning of the word. So, related to this, by changing one persone at a time, you can change the entire world. Also, by changing one limiting belief at a time, you can change the quality of your life in a huge positive way!