What is manifestation?

In Theta Healing, manifestation represents the belief that it is possible to create something in the physical world with the power of the Creator Of All That Is.

What can be manifested?

Through manifestation it is possible to manifest everything you want, even what you think is impossible. Nothing is impossible, if you truly believe it can happen. For example you can manifest things that you want to have, a job, your soulmate, a holiday, money and so on.

How does the manifestation work?

There are different forms of manifestation:

  1. The spoken word has an efficiency of 30-40%.
  2. The visualization has an efficiency of 50%.
  3. Manifestations using Theta waves have an efficiency of 80-90%. Theta waves are the most efficient way to manifest.

What will happen during the session?

During a manifestation session I will guide you through a meditation where you will visualize what your perfect life looks like in each aspect of your life. Usually during this meditation, limiting beliefs come up and are blocking you from having and even visualising a life without negativity. When this beliefs come up, we will get rid of them, so that nothing will stop you from achieving your goals and in the end, you will manifest that life by being in a theta state.